Money Management

What Is A Tactical Money Management Approach?

Tactical Money Management Investing is an active and daily management style. One of the benefits is that it is daily in nature. In other words, a tactical money manager will move between cash, asset classes, styles, segments or markets on a daily basis. The idea is that you want to take advantage of strengths in certain sectors while avoiding weaknesses in others. The approach will sometimes be “all in” or sometimes “all out” of the market, and it is based on the analytical research and forecasts of the model. It is a very effective way of managing risk for your “Red” money in the ABC’s of Retirement Planning Model.

The Tactical Money Management approach is the wave of the future and critical for the investor to take advantage of if you are going to be in the market at risk. It is information driven and considering that the investment world travels at the speed of the internet, that is critical.

With Tactical Money Management strategies you can choose bond risk, equity risk, high dividend models, capital preservation models, growth models, or a blended approach.

More Information:

For C (Red) Risk Money we utilize a tactical management style. We provide investors with the opportunity to be positioned in equities and bonds during major rising markets and to also minimize the damage caused by market declines.

Using time-tested active investment approaches based on technical analysis, we adapt portfolio positions to respond to perceived opportunities presented by current market conditions.

Through the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), no-load and load-waived mutual funds, and the safety of cash or money market funds, we achieve diversification to minimize individual security risk while adding an additional layer of management expertise that looks specifically at market and sector risk.

By preserving capital during market declines yet participating in market up trends, we strive to provide investors with higher “risk-adjusted” rates of return.

The Benefits

  • Watch over client’s assets every single day
  • Emphasize a disciplined global, tactical asset allocation process
  • Deliver great flexibility to investment strategies
  • Provide innovative and consistent risk management
  • Align investment strategy with client investment objectives and tolerance for risk
  • Provide on-going portfolio performance monitoring
  • Deliver clear, timely reporting to keep track of portfolio progress
  • Provide clients with full account transparency

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